HeyCharge differs from conventional EV charging solutions

How it works?

HeyCharge brings unique user experience to your customers. With our SecureCharge technology there is no need for an on-site internet connection anymore.

All SecureCharge enabled devices will communicate directly over bluetooth with the HeyCharge App or SDK and provide maximum availability of the system while minimizing latency between the phone and the charger.

To ensure smart functions like individual billing and remote maintenance all data received from the charger will be synchronized with the backend once the smartphone has network coverage again. All time critical activities will be performed immediately: no more waiting, no more frustration.

How does HeyCharge differ?

Works Without Internet Underground

No internet connection needed for charger AND phone to start, stop and manage the charger.

Sends Data Whenever You Have Coverage

Data will be synchronized between the phone and backend once the phone has coverage again.


At HeyCharge we are committed to build a disruptive technology and communication architecture to support the global scale of EV charging without the need of onsite internet connectivity that significantly improves user experience and lowers cost of hardware, installation and operation.

SecureCharge is our patent-pending replacement for a central server-based system requiring an internet connection at each site. 

Instead of an internet connection, we relay cryptographic tokens through our mobile app to each charger, enabling a secure and bidirectional management channel for user access and billing data.

SecureCharge Benefits

Lowest Cost

Decreases cost for hardware, installations, maintenance and support.

Best User Experience

Works 100% in underground parking garages without mobile network coverage.

Smart Load Management System

Smart Load Management is the Key

When the demand within a building grows faster than the grid capacity, smart load management is required to optimize charging performance in high dense environments like apartment buildings, offices and hotels.

Load Management Inside

We offer an integrated load management approach that is integrated with all HeyCharge enabled chargers.

Once a certain energy limit is achieved, the charger network will self-optimize and find the perfect balance for a specific demand situation.

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