Smart wallbox with no need for direct internet connection

HeyCharge brings a unique user experience to your customers. With our SecureCharge technology there is no need for an on-site internet connection anymore.All SecureCharge enabled devices will communicate directly over bluetooth with the HeyCharge App or SDK and provide maximum availability of the system while minimizing latency between the phone and the charger.To ensure smart functions like individual billing and remote maintenance all data received from the charger will be synchronized with the backend once the smartphone has network coverage again. All time critical activities will be performed immediately: no more waiting, no more frustration.

Perfect USER Experience

Today’s smart charging infrastructure is not very well suited for underground environments. This is because it relies on a permanent internet connection to the charger and also on the user’s smartphone having a mobile network signal. That fact drives the cost of hardware, installations and operations and also often leads to bad user experience when no network coverage is available.

At HeyCharge we are dedicated to build the best in class user experience based on a full digital process. No RFID cards - just the HeyCharge app enables simple usage and provides full cost transparency.

Integrated billing

Using the integrated HeyCharge billing functionality  you can significantly reduce the operations efforts of your facility managers and asset managers. Individual energy consumption  is invoiced via the HeyCharge backend  directly to the user.  Access control to selected chargers can be granted within seconds. ia the HeyCharge management portal. You receive the exact overview of the consumed energy amount of the individual users. The recorded energy consumption can be settled directly with the user for a defined period.

integrated load Management

Our integrated load management feature becomes essential when demand for EV charging grows faster than the power capacity within a building. As soon as a certain power limit is reached, the HeyCharge charging network will optimizes itself and will find the perfect balance for every power demand situation.

The communication between the chargers is based on a reliable wireless ZigBee communication and integrates the load management feature itself directly on  the HeyCharge wallbox. This eliminates the need for external management hardware and decreases installation complexity, efforts and costs. 

All-in-one Solution

We provide software, hardware and apps all designed and developed by HeyCharge. No need for additional hardware devices, software, billing platforms, etc.. The HeyCharge 360° eco system. Our promise: best user experience, highest quality, lowest operational efforts!

White label Proposition

Our SecureCharge technology can be integrated/retrofitted into other 3rd party wallboxes from existing manufacturers. In addition, our software development kit (SDK) is available for Android and iOS and enables you to build your very own charging product on top of the HeyCharge technology. Contact us form more information!

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