Sophie Friedrich
February 3, 2023

Why Wallboxes Fail: The Impact of Internet Connectivity Issues

Internet connectivity is crucial for wallboxes to function properly, as many modern wallboxes rely on cloud-based systems to manage and monitor charging sessions. This means that if there is a problem with the internet connection, the wallbox may not be able to start a charging session, or may even stop a charging session that is already underway.

Some of the common reasons for internet connectivity issues include:

  1. Weak or Interrupted Wi-Fi Signals: Wallboxes that rely on Wi-Fi to connect to the internet may experience weak or interrupted signals, which can lead to connectivity issues. This is particularly problematic in areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage, such as garages, underground parking lots, or remote locations.
  2. Power Outages: Power outages can also impact the internet connectivity of wallboxes. If the power goes out, the wallbox may lose its connection to the internet, which can disrupt charging sessions and even cause charging sessions to stop prematurely.
  3. Technical Problems: Technical problems can also impact the internet connectivity of wallboxes. For example, outdated firmware, software bugs, and hardware malfunctions can all cause connectivity issues.
  4. Cybersecurity Concerns: Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many wallbox owners, as hackers may try to exploit vulnerabilities in the wallbox system to steal information or gain unauthorized access.

In conclusion, internet connectivity issues are a major cause of wallbox failure, and can negatively impact the charging experience for EV owners.

So is there a solution?

To minimize the impact of internet connectivity issues,HeyCharge came up with a solution for you: We developed our own patented technology that allows us to communicate via bluetooth with the wallbox. Our communication mechanism is encrypted so it is absolutely safe and not hackable. With this solution, we are the first provider of smart technology without the need of internet. All features you would want from a wallbox in semi-private environments are available. By taking steps to scale up and providing our solution all around the world, we ensure that wallboxes in general will be reliable and efficient, and that EVs are always charged and ready to go. Sounds interesting? Reach out to

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