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Robert Lasowski
May 22, 2024

[EN] MEAG Taps HeyCharge to Bring Internet-Free EV Charging Technology to Its German Real Estate Portfolio

EV charging technology company, HeyCharge, announced today that MEAG, one of the world's largest asset management companies, with around 340 billion Euros in assets under its management, has qualified HeyCharge as a partner for the electrification of MEAG's German building portfolio.

“Before HeyCharge, smart EV chargers’ reliability plummeted in low or no internet connectivity environments,” says HeyCharge CEO Chris Cardé. “EV charging must be reliable everywhere from underground parking garages to remote regions. Our technology transforms internet dead zones into live EV charging zones. We’re excited to lead the no-internet EV charging revolution with MEAG,” Cardé adds.

The electrification of corporate assets presents new challenges for property owners and managers. The focus is on offering efficient and – most of all –reliable charging solutions that enable tenants to conveniently charge their vehicles. MEAG recognized this early on and developed a model that is now tested and ready to scale.

"The challenge lies primarily in retrofitting charging stations in existing buildings and underground garages to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers," explains MEAG’s Head of Procurement, Jan Behrens. "HeyCharge has proven to be extremely quick and cost-effective in implementation."

"Our internet-free technology removes a significant barrier to building next generation EV charging infrastructure,” says Robert Lasowski, co-founder of HeyCharge. “We are proud to build demand-oriented charging infrastructure for MEAG's tenants," Lasowski adds.

First installation projects have already begun at multiple MEAG properties. Both companies look forward to a successful collaboration in realizing the vision of efficient and connected electromobility.


About MEAG

Founded in 1999, MEAG GmbH is the asset manager of Munich Re Group. With offices in Europe, Asia and North America, it also offers its extensive know-how to institutional investors and private clients from outside Munich Re Group. MEAG currently manages assets to the value of around € 340bn, € 60bn of which is for non-Group investors. MEAG manages over 300 office buildings and other commercial properties in Germany.

About HeyCharge

HeyCharge was founded in 2020 by former Google technologist Chris Cardé (now HeyCharge’s CEO) along with the company’s Chief Business Development Officer, Dr. Robert Lasowski. Dr. Lasowski was formerly with the R&D and innovation teams at BMW Group, Sixt and Munich Re Group. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices located in the United States and engineering in the Ukraine.
HeyCharge’s breakthrough technology eliminates the dependance on the internet connectivity of the charger and its user, HeyCharge’s technology creates a cost effective, 100% reliable EV charging universe free of no-to-low connectivity and network provider downtime - thus clearing a path to mass EV adoption.

“The biggest bottleneck(s) for scaling EV charging in buildings going forward … include proper internet connectivity ….”. Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall CEO & CIO

To learn more about the internet-free future of EV charging please contact

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