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Chris Carde
February 9, 2024

HeyCharge Removes a Key Barrier to the Global Mass Adoption of EVs

EV charging technology company, HeyCharge GmbH, announced today that the end of unreliable smart EV charging has finally arrived - removing what is perhaps the last significant barrier to the global massification of electric vehicles.

"Before HeyCharge, smart EV chargers provided a frustrating user experience in low-coverage environments, such as lower-level parking garages or remote regions. We're excited to lead the no-internet EV charging revolution." Cardé added.

Demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity, the HeyCharge technology is hardware-agnostic, meaning that EV charging sites can deliver internet-free, reliable service in HeyCharge branded chargers, or installed inside EV chargers manufactured by other companies.”

HeyCharge ‘inside’ significantly reduces cost for hardware, installations and maintenance and provides the best user experience available on the market today” commented Dr. Lasowski. HeyCharge was founded in 2020 by former Google technologist Chris Cardé (now HeyCharge’s CEO) along with the company’s Chief Business Development Officer, Dr. Robert Lasowski. Dr.Lasowski was formerly with the R&D and innovation teams at BMW Group, Sixt and Munich ReGroup. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices located in the UnitedStates and engineering in the Ukraine.


HeyCharge is disrupting the EV charger industry by removing the most significant barrier to reliability. Unlike current smart EV charging, HeyCharge’s breakthrough enables charging without an internet connection for both the charger and the user through entirely local, cryptographic communication. HeyCharge’s technology creates a 100% reliable EV charging universe free of no-to-low connectivity and network provider downtime.

To learn more about the internet-free future of EV charging please contact

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