Meet the Founders

HeyCharge is a personal story. The founders brought home their first electric cars only to realize the challenges of trying to charge while living in city apartments in Stuttgart and Munich, Germany.  They realized that having access to charge an electric car at home can make the difference between electric cars succeeding or failing with a given owner. HeyCharge GmbH was founded to solve this problem at scale, for current and future electric vehicle drivers across Europe.


Chris is an engineering executive and product leader with a CV spanning Google, Mercedes-Benz R&D, and E.ON Energie Deutschland. He fell in love with e-mobility as a graduate researcher at the University of California, Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center.


Robert is a mobility enthusiast with experience in connected, shared and electric mobility spanning 15 years. After working in R&D and innovation teams at BMW Group, Sixt and Munich Re Group, Robert is now dedicated to achieving HeyCharge’s ambition of providing easy-to-use and affordable charging solutions to mass-market users globally.

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