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Chris Carde
June 25, 2024

Revolutionizing EV Charging: HeyCharge Partners with REVS

HeyCharge is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with Refuel EV Services (REVS), set to transform the EV charging landscape throughout the United States.

Unmatched Flexibility
As a leader in EV charging for multifamily properties, REVS is delivering our cutting-edge technology. This partnership allows for seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and significant cost savings without the need for expensive equipment replacements.

David Aaronson, CEO of REVS, states, "HeyCharge's OCPP translator offers a quick, affordable solution that supports diverse property needs while ensuring connectivity and security."

Cost Savings
HeyCharge’s technology enables REVS to offer cost-effective solutions through easy installations that require no IT technicians. By eliminating the need for costly network equipment, repeaters, routers, and telco services, REVS can significantly reduce expenses, making EV charging more affordable for their customers.

Reliability and Uptime

Studies show that 55% of failed charging sessions stem from connectivity problems (source: Qmerit "Electrification 2030"). The National Institute of Standards and Technology underscores the importance of securing digital payment systems (Wall Street Journal).

Chris Carde, CEO of HeyCharge, says, "Our partnership with REVS drives change in the EV charging landscape. HeyCharge's comprehensive solutions ensure reliability, affordability, and safety, maximizing existing assets without disruption."

With no reliance on cloud communications, our technology reduces points of failure, ensuring dependable charging everywhere, every time.

Join the EV Charging Evolution
HeyCharge is committed to providing businesses with flexible, affordable EV charging solutions that deliver significant cost savings and enhanced reliability. Transform your EV charging business with our innovative technology. For more information, contact or

About Us
HeyCharge is a leader in reliable, affordable, and secure EV charging solutions. Our SecureCharge technology maximizes user satisfaction and optimizes unit economics, delivering charging infrastructure that works 100% reliably, even underground and in other low-coverage environments. We do this while providing a lower total cost than our competitors.

Refuel EV Services (REVS): A full-service EV charging company dedicated to commercial and real estate properties.

Sources: QMerit Report (9/26/2023), Wall Street Journal (8/14/2023)

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